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January 17, 2009
What a great documentary! Really well done. I have to say I am honored to be in it; it speaks the truth in love and does a really good job of portraying the heart behind the conference. It brought me right back to Indiana! God bless you for your efforts and I pray (and know) that many men and women who struggle with SSA will find hope and freedom through this documentary.

Scott Neufeld
Vancouver, Canada

October 28, 2008
I was moved greatly by the information and struggle that so many people in this life style go through and how the the church has not addressed this issue with much clarity. This video opens the door for the church to start viewing this issue, to ministry in God’s love to fallen people that Jesus died for. We must reach out and bring these loved ones back into the church and God’s family.

Pastor Edward Norton Faith Tabernacle, Burton MI

October 28, 2008
As a Christian I think, sometimes, we give sin degrees of importance as to how God may view them. This video helps teach you to love the person without condoning the sin. Love them with God’s love. I enjoyed and learned a great deal of the love of God and how to minister His love in every situation of life.

Janet Lutz, of Faith Tabernacle in Burton Michigan

July 1, 2008
Real Hope, Real Truth, Real Answers completely enlightened my perspective on the role of the church and believers in reaching out.  It will enlighten believers to a perspective that makes them able to offer hope, compassion and reduce hostility to those struggling.  Coy clearly captures the purpose of Exodus International through this documentary of their annual conference.  God’s promise of hope, a plan for everyone and victory is clearly articulated and illustrated.  The message that Exodus provides fills a void that has existed far too long.

Laura Jones
B.S., M.A.
Middle School Teacher
Wife and Mother of 3
Goodrich, Michigan