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VIMEO intolerant of ex-gay perspectives

Ex-Gay Truth Exclusive
December 27, 2013

By Thomas Coy

VIMEO has removed the documentary “Understanding Same Sex Attractions” from its online video web service. The documentary featured interviews with individuals who have or are overcoming same-sex attractions as well as interviews with psychologists who help them.

VIMEO told the producers of the documentary, Family Watch International, that the ex-gay message in the documentary promoted “anti-diversity.” When asked to explain what in the documentary violated Vimeo policy, VIMEO responded, “Our moderators found that your videos position homosexuality as a dangerous lifestyle or a psychological condition worthy of treatment. We consider those perspectives to qualify as discriminatory speech. We understand that you may disagree with our assessment, but that is our moderators’ final opinion.”

The documentary is very informative and factual. Family Watch International has re-posted the documentary on You Tube.

(The information in this article came from Annie Franklin – Director of International Activities – Family Watch International)