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Former transgender tells what he has learned

March 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science

March 1, 2013

Excerpts from Walt Heyer’s “Things I’ve Learned” on his website … “Contrary to what you may think, male-to-female sex change surgery is a sex change in name (documentation) only. Sex change surgery is only a cosmetic procedure to make it look like a change was made, when in fact no female ‘parts’ are used. Did you know? No amount of surgery, hormone injection or anything else can, or will, change the birth gender DNA. It is absolute. The only thing the surgeon can change is the medical record, birth records and the perception that a change took place on the operating table. A DNA test would prove no sex change took place.”

“Sex change regret may come years later when you understand the surgery did not make you a female or change your DNA gender/sex.”


“In my view, the transgender activists are so busy lobbying for new laws of protection that they ignore the 31% suicide rate. Sex change regret, sadly, can and has resulted in suicide. We only need to remember Mike Penner, aka Christine Daniels, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, who committed suicide in late 2009. In a U.S.A. Today article dated 2/26/09 Steve Friess says: ‘(Mike) Penner’s story, heralded in its early days as a triumphant example of transgender progress, has instead become a cautionary tale of the lesser-known phenomenon: transgender regret.’”