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Documentary on the ex-gay movement wins two more awards

November 04, 2009 By: Tom Coy Category: Documentary News

The documentary Real Hope, Real Truth, Real Answers received a Storyteller Award at the 2009 Redemptive Film Festival in Virginia Beach and was the 2009 winner in the Documentary Open category at the International Youth and Christian Film Festival in the United Kingdom.

The documentaries intimate window into Exodus International and the Christian ex-gay movement continues to surprise viewers. Most are not even aware that a Christian ex-gay movement exists and are stunned to learn it has been ongoing for over thirty years.

The documentary captures the hope this movement offers. Homosexuality is revealed as the behavioral condition it is and shown not to be a condition that a person is born with. That evidence alone gives this documentary academic value, because most Americans believe the politically correct deception that homosexuality is a condition a person is born with.

Ex-gays tell their stories throughout the documentary and some struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions tell of their experience at the conference. The gay political propaganda that ex-gay conferences are hateful toward homosexuals is exposed as the lie it is.

Producer Tom Coy believes the 49 minute length of the documentary and its accurate portrayal of the Christian ex-gay movement makes this documentary an ideal educational tool for classrooms, small groups, and individual awareness. Permission to show the documentary in these group settings has been given in advance and is noted on the DVD cover and in the opening statement of the documentary.

Last year Real Hope, Real Truth, Real Answers won the Best Documentary award at the 2008 International Christian Film Festival in Irvine, California and received an Honorable Mention at the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival in Houston.

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