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Ex-gay joins boycott of Starbucks

April 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics

March 26, 2013

Excerpts from the article “Christ or Coffee? Ex-Homosexual Turned Evangelist Dumps Daily Dose of Starbucks After CEO Remarks” by Heather Clark published on the Christian News Network: “An ex-homosexual who now serves as an evangelist states that he has decided to join the boycott against the coffee king Starbucks following recent remarks made by CEO Howard Schultz regarding the company’s support of homosexual ‘marriage.’ ‘It’s an unGodly, Christ-hating position,’ he said of Schultz’s comments.”

“Robert Breaud of Wisconsin told Christian News Network that he had been involved in the homosexual lifestyle until his 30′s, but has served Christ now for nearly 20 years. … However, from 1990-1994, Breaud felt that God was drawing him to a walk with Himself. A number of those in Breaud’s life began sharing the Gospel with him, most notably, a very special relative. ‘I found out that my aunt Rose, who had been a Christian for decades, had prayed for me a long time,’ he said. ‘I didn’t know she had been praying for me so long.’”

… “So, in 1994, after coming into agreement with God and His design for creation, Breaud, who had also been struggling with alcoholism, repented of his sins and believed the Gospel. ‘It felt like the power of death and sin was just broken off of me,’ he recalled.”

“In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Breaud decided to take his story and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets. He still does so today as he speaks on college campuses and at other public venues.”
“‘I use Romans Chapter 1 just like my aunt Rose used on me,’ he stated, adding that he also points hearers to 1 Corinthians 6, which glories in those who have been set free from behaviors such as homosexuality, declaring, ‘and such were some of you.’”

“‘I always remember to get to that verse,’ Breaud said. ‘There’s hope. You always have to offer hope.’”
“He outlined that he receives a mix of reactions to his testimony, especially from college students. ‘An old preacher said, ‘You either make them mad or you make them glad,’ Breaud said. ‘Some of course say, You’re lying! You were never a homosexual! I say, I can put you on the phone with a number of people back in New Orleans who can testify [that] it was how I lived for a long time.’” …