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Ex-gays opposing CA ban on reparative therapy interviewed

February 09, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

December 13, 2013

Ex-gay and reparative therapist David Pickup was interviewed by Jenifer London on a SOCAL CONNECTED video. London pointed out that reparative therapists are at odds with the broader psychological community. The video also featured Dr. Terry Gock, a past president of the APA Society for Study of LGBT Issues. Another ex-gay in the video is Aaron Bitzer. He testified that reparative therapy desexualized his attractions for men. He believes the lack of a close relationship with his father is at the root of his same-sex attractions. He said he is still attracted to some men, but the attraction is to get to know them as men and not to have sex with them. Before his reparative therapy his attraction to men was sexual.