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Exodus International board member John Warren resigns

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

September 8, 2012

( Excerpt: “‘I believe that Alan Chambers is a good man with good intentions. It is his messaging that concerned me recently and prompted me to resign,’ Warren told The Christian Post in an email Saturday. ‘Specifically, his interview this week on Janet Mefferd’s show concerned me deeply.’”

…”‘Alan is in an extremely difficult position, and I don’t want to disparage him,’ Warren stated. ‘There are Exodus member ministries who are advancing the gospel well, and I want to be certain to support them. Ultimately, the leader of an important ministry has to clearly articulate views that are consistent with Scripture. The message is important, and I became concerned that I could no longer continue to serve effectively on the board since the messaging quickly became less and less clear in my opinion.’” Link to the Christian Post article.