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Friend of ex-gays Pastor Ken Hutcherson dies of cancer

January 24, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

December 18, 2013

Following is the tribute “Happy culture warrior ‘Hutch’ dies of cancer” written by Art Moore on the World Net Dailey website: … “While media dubbed him ‘anti-gay’ and a ‘spiritual bulldozer,’ he was known simply as ‘Hutch’ to his congregation and to many who knew him in the Pacific Northwest and nationally as an infectiously vibrant and fiercely unapologetic defender of the faith.”

“His non-denominational church’s motto, ‘black and white in a grey world,’ speaks not only of its mixed-race composition but also of a confidence in its beliefs that rubs against modern sensibilities.

On its website, the church states: ‘Despite what the world would like to say, there is such a thing as absolute truth, coming straight out of the Word of God, and people ultimately act on what they really think is true, whatever they may say.’”

… “As a pastor, he frequently pushed back against homosexual-rights advocates who equated their plight with the racial civil-rights struggle. ‘I’ve never run into an ex-black,’ he said, noting there were several ex-gays in his church.” …