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Internet hoax created to defame ex-gay organization

September 28, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

August 23, 2013

The following excerpts are from the article “’Ex-Gay’ Non-Profit and Arizona Governor Are Victims of Internet Hoax Story with Made-Up Anti-Gay Quotes” on … “‘The fake story was apparently intended to embarrass Governor Brewer and People Can Change, and to encourage people to verbally assault our organization and our members,’ Wyler said. Within 24 hours, People Can Change was inundated with more than 150 hate emails and phone calls, many using extreme profanity and threats against the organization and its members, he said.”

“‘We have no programs for school children,’ Wyler said. ‘We never try to convince anyone to try to change who is happy being gay. We only support men who are intrinsically self-motivated to pursue change. And as far as I know, before yesterday Governor Brewer had never even heard of People Can Change.’ But the worst parts of the hoax story, Wyler said, are the demeaning, vicious quotes about gays that the National Report made up and falsely attributed to People Can Change, Governor Brewer and a county sheriff.”

“‘The made-up quotes are vicious and hateful,’ Wyler said. ‘People Can Change believes in showing compassion and respect for all who deal with or have ever dealt with homosexuality, however they may choose to address it in their lives.’”

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