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Jeff Buchanan writes about the sexual identity crisis

July 23, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

July 10, 2012

Jeff Buchanan, vice president of Exodus International has written an article on sexual identity and being a Christian that was published by The Gospel Coalition.

Here is an excerpt of Jeff Buchanan’s article: – “This sexual identity crisis has breached the church where labels such as “gay Christian” and “gay celibate Christian” are becoming more commonly used and accepted. Some Christians with same-sex attractions now say the evolution of common vernacular makes it acceptable to adopt these terms as accurately describing their experience. But are such labels compatible with our identity in Christ? Do they draw us closer to Christ? Here are six points for us to consider.”

This is the concluding paragraph: “It is not experience that determines who we are but rather our identity in Christ that enables us to be continually transformed in his image. As we disciple those with same-sex attractions, we must contend for a gospel-centric identity. To assume any other name is to look upon ourselves in a broken mirror. Only when we see ourselves in the reflection of Christ’s image will we find our true identity.”

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