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Man who went through reparative therapy comments on bias of Dr. Oz Show

February 11, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

January 2, 2013

Excerpt from the JONAH website: “I am really disappointed in the biased slant the Dr. Oz show took with regard to Reparative Therapy( November 2012). With 3 men representing ‘Reparative Therapy’ and 7 against, including a gay celebrity icon and a ‘Harvard’ grad, it’s quite disturbing there appears to be is no such entity as ethical and even-handed journalism on this issue.”

“I am a man that has been actively involved in Reparative Therapy for about 5 years after playing around secretly through a tumultuous marriage. I was married for 14 years and I’m a father of 4 children, ages 8-14. Not only has my life been incomprehensibly enriched by my journey, I have a peer group of dozens and dozens of men who all believe in this process and whose lives have been enriched themselves through Reparative Therapy. My personal story is a bit lengthy and colorful… with many highs and lows… but overall, I’m so much happier now than ever. I have an amazingly large support group, including my family who all know my story. …”