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PFOX letter to New Jersey State Senators regarding conversion therapy

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

March 16, 2013

Excerpts from the PFOX letter: “As parents of gay children, we urge you to vote against Senate Bill 2278, erroneously titled, ‘Protects minors by prohibiting attempts to change sexual orientation.’ This proposed legislation, initiated by the gay lobby to ensure that children receive only homosexual-affirming therapy by banning heterosexual therapy, is an act of childhood endangerment and an unconstitutional attempt to deny parental rights in New Jersey and your district.”

“Your bill will turn New Jersey into a nanny state by usurping the civil rights of parents who support their child’s right to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions, especially when that child has been sexually molested by a same-sex adult and is now confused about their sexual orientation. Denying children and their parents the right to receive support and the availability of full therapeutic assistance is legally and morally wrong.”

“As parents of gays and ex-gays, we urge you to not take action against parents, children, and the family. New Jersey should not dictate to parents on how they raise their own children nor restrict a parent’s ability to provide all forms of support for their children.”

“This bill endangers youth by denying their right to receive therapeutic help, promoting homosexual behavior to sexually confused youth, and conveniently ignoring the facts about the psychological and physical health risks of homosexual behavior. The sponsors of this bill lack credible knowledge about changeable sexual preference and have obtained biased information without consulting the ex-gay community.”

“Indeed, the bill is discriminatory on its face because it bans heterosexual therapy while allowing gay affirming therapy and gender change, a dangerous and controversial procedure where children are given life risking hormones or their puberty process is deliberately delayed. Why is it that children are allowed to change their gender identity but not their sexual orientation?”