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PFOX Responds to Gay Hate Blogger

July 18, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics

December 9, 2011

Wayne Besen, the gay activist from Truth Wins Out (TWO) has threatened to sue ex-gay Greg Quinlan for damaging his reputation. Quinlan responded publicly with a Press Release from Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays.

“Once I was able to stop laughing and realized that the letter wasn’t intended to be parody, I thought: Okay; Wayno wants a response to his list of comical demands? Here’s my formal response: Grow up. I’m not sure what law school Mr. Hamar went to, but apparently he missed class on the day his professor covered defamation. You see, truth is an absolute and affirmative defense to a charge of defamation. I know this and I’m not even a lawyer.” …

“Wayne Besen represents the perfect example of those who demand tolerance the most but possess it the least. Retract my comments? Not a chance. Now, Wayne Besen threatens me and PFOX with a frivolous lawsuit. Now this bigoted, anti-Christian hatemonger is worried about his reputation being sullied? Cry me a river.”

“So, Wayne, if you really feel you must waste money you could be using to bash ex-gays, bully Christian churchgoers and spread the lie that people who are trapped in unwanted homosexuality can never escape it, I say knock yourself out. We’re happy to countersue and expose the hundreds of smears you and TWO have lodged against me and other pro-family advocates. Smears that actually amount to defamation. Little man, I’m calling your bluff.”

The full text of Greg Quinlan’s response can be found at