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PFOX Statement on the Demise of Exodus International

August 09, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

June 24, 2013

Following is the “Statement by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) on the demise of Exodus” as published on the PFOX website: “Many of you have heard the announcement by Alan Chambers that Exodus International has closed its doors, and will no longer provide hope for families or help for those seeking to overcome unwanted same sex attractions. This announcement has brought national attention to homosexual and gender issues. I believe this is an opportunity for ex-gays to speak up and let the public know that change is possible through ministry, therapy, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. During Exodus’ 37 years of ministry, thousands of men and women found change and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that transcended homosexual behavior.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) was founded in 1998 to provide hope and healing for families and friends of gay loved ones. The two words, “I’m gay,” changed our lives and sent us on a search for support and hope for us and our loved ones. Today PFOX is still there for families and friends of gay loved ones. We have also taken the organization to a higher level. PFOX provides educational resources to help our youth understand that unwanted same sex feelings can be overcome. We provide resources, referrals, videos and speakers to churches to help those in the pews whose lives have been impacted by homosexuality and gender issues. No gay DNA or gay gene has been found. It is never necessary to give up hope of overcoming unwanted same sex attractions.

PFOX left Exodus four years ago because of its lack of support for equal rights for ex-gays. We did not want to be encumbered in our efforts to pursue ex-gay equal access and provide resources to our nation’s schools. We pray that the former Exodus leadership will now seek compassion for the ex-gay community and denounce intolerance against former homosexuals.

Restored Hope Network was established last year as a new national ex-gay organization to meet the needs of men and women seeking to change their unwanted same sex attractions. Many of the founding members of Restored Hope Network had been members of Exodus for decades. Frank Worthen, an original founding member of Exodus, Andy Comiskey, and Stephen Black, along with numerous established ex-gay ministries, came together to form a new organization based on the Christian principles formerly held by Exodus International.

Restored Hope Network offers hope and help while honoring the biblical belief that change is possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. PFOX is now a member of Restored Hope. Through PFOX and Restored Hope Network, years of experience are available to those seeking freedom and hope for families and friends whose life have been affected by homosexuality and gender issues. PFOX is committed to you, our families and friends, as we support unconditional love for our gay loved ones while not approving of homosexual behavior.

Alan Chambers of Exodus International was not a counselor or therapist; nor did he pursue psychotherapy for his same sex attraction which he still experiences today, yet he supports denying the right to therapy for those seeking it. Alan ran the daily operations at Exodus; during his tenure as president he did not operate an ex-gay ministry. Exodus operated like a pyramid, with Alan at the top holding an administrative and PR position, followed by regional ex-gay ministries, followed by local ex-gay ministries located throughout the country. All ex-gay member ministries paid a yearly fee to belong to Exodus and in return they received referrals from people who contacted Exodus seeking help for unwanted same sex attractions. These ex-gay ministries continue to help those with unwanted same sex attractions regardless of Exodus’ demise. Many have already left Exodus, while others were never Exodus members. Exodus is closing amidst the loss of ex-gay ministry members, directors from its original board of directors, and support from churches.

Exodus was an administrative and public outreach headquarters that had been built over the years by many peoples’ donations of time, prayers and money; yet they were not included in the decision to close Exodus nor given proper notice of its closure. The decision to close was that of Alan Chambers and his new board of directors, and announced once his national TV appearance and press release were in place. Exodus’ planned conference went forward under false pretenses; no notification that Exodus was shutting down was given to attendees seeking help and hope. Unlike Exodus, which prohibited ex-gay ministries from running Exodus, Restored Hope Network seats ex-gay ministry leaders on its board of directors.

God has taken back what He started and provided healthy Christian leadership that restores hope for families and strugglers through Restored Hope Network. PFOX can provide resources for churches and Christians to help reach out to those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction and families affected by homosexuality. Everyone deserves the opportunity to safely exit homosexuality when love and support are available in their church ministry. Ex-gays prove that change is possible.

Read PFOX’s 2009 letter of resignation from Exodus at

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