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Radio host Dennis Prager acknowledges the Left lies about homosexuality and ex-gays

January 18, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation

December 4, 2013

Christopher Doyle, ex-gay, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and founder of Voice of the Voiceless engaged radio host Dennis Prager on the etiology of homosexuality. In the exchange Prager did acknowledge that “The Left – the straight Left as well as the gay Left – have told as usual they have lied on behalf of their values, just as the President did, in my sad opinion, with regard to health care and with regard to his opposition to getting rid of the filibuster. The lie is that it is fixed in everybody; every gay it’s fixed. It’s amazing, the gay and straight Left tell us that sexual orientation is fixed, but gender isn’t. That’s what so, it’s mind-blowing, the world of lies, really, that we are expected to believe, and when said often enough people do believe it. I’ll give you one example. Bill DeBlasio was just elected mayor of New York City, and his wife announced that in the 1970s, I believe it was, that she is a lesbian. She was an activist and she announced it, I mean literally announced it. We have her words. And then in the nineties she said, “Well, I’ve found the love of my life who’s a man,” and she has been happily married ever after, happily ever after married. So, I’m giving you a name and a human you can look up as someone who was a former lesbian. Does that mean that all lesbians can change? No. And I think its even more true for gay men. But does that mean that no gay man can change? Not, that is the gay and straight activist lie – that there isn’t a single homosexual who can happily change. Ok, that’s a big statement. I think most gay men are pretty much fixed, but I appreciate the call very very much.”

A link to the radio discussion can be found here.