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Richard Cohen reports on his speaking engagement in Mexico

March 21, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

February 14, 2014

Following are excerpts from the article “Gay Activists Protest Richard Cohen’s Conference in Monterrey Mexico” on the International Healing Foundation website: “Over three hundred men and women dared to cross the picket line of gay and lesbian activists who opposed my talk this evening in Monterrey, Mexico. Before the conference began, Andreina del Villar, our IHF Mexico Acting Director, and I went outside to greet the protestors with donuts! We wanted to show them our love and support. They asked many questions, doubting our sincerity. Looking into their eyes, I could see so much unhappiness and pain. We simply said how much we loved them…although most of them were unable to receive it…but, they did enjoy our donuts:))”

“The talk went great for the 300 in attendance. One woman came up to me afterwards and stated, ‘I am in a prayer group of women. I was so prejudiced against homosexual persons. You completely changed my mind and heart. Now I can understand God’s incredible love for all His homosexual sons and daughters…my life will never be the same!’”

“It was worth coming to Monterrey to simply change one mind toward loving the entire homosexual community. And of course, we received tremendous thanks from several hundred others who were so grateful and learned so much about the truth of same-sex attraction and how to truly love all same-sex attracted men and women, whether they wish to change or live a gay life.” …