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Testimony of ex-gay Dr. David Kyle Foster

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective, testimony

March 1, 2013

Excerpts from David Kyle Foster’s testimony on the PFOX website: … “Perhaps my personal witness to change can be of some help. I have been changed in many and varied ways over the past 32 years after seeking the Lord at the age of 29 to deliver me from a bondage to homosexuality, pornography and other sexually addictive behaviors. After 10 years of active involvement in the ‘anything but gay’ homosexual lifestyle, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and has set me free from what statistics show to be a deathstyle lain upon the foundations of profound brokenness.”

“My identity has been completely transformed and I see myself as the heterosexual male that God had always created me to be.”

“My behavior has completely changed. As a result of God’s healing and transforming power, I have not engaged in homosexual acts for over 32 years and have absolutely no desire to do so ever again. The behaviors that accompanied my gay life and that helped me cope with the insanity of it all (-e.g., massive drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, voyeurism, exhibitionism, the desire to take my life and the dangerous risks to lose it, etc.) have all ceased. The loneliness and depression that shadowed me throughout my years in the lifestyle have departed, as I found my true love in God Himself.”

“My homosexual attractions have gradually lost their power as I have experienced healing of the brokenness that created them. Their intensity has diminished considerably. They no longer define me and no longer drive my decisions. They come and go in the same manner as faded temptations to smoke cigarettes, marijuana, look at porn or any other behavior that once brought me brief moments of pleasure – temptations that I also reject because I have found a love far greater than those deadly, false loves and a power in Christ that keeps me from falling as I abide in Him (Jude 24).”

“The lack of a strong sense of my male identity has been healed by the very words of God the Father spoken to me in worship of Him: ‘You are My son and I love you.’”

“My natural heterosexuality has slowly emerged and replaced the false homosexual identity that once dominated my thoughts.”

“The fear of woman has disappeared. The idolatry of men has been renounced and replaced by a devotion to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

“I no longer allow homosexual fantasies to dwell in my mind and no longer use masturbation to reinvigorate old memories of past pleasures. When immoral thoughts assault me, I renounce any affection that I may have had with them and call upon the Lord to quench them and to rewire my thought processes so that they are hostile to such immorality.”

“A new network of ministries to homosexuals has recently been founded called Restored Hope Network – created to return ministry to homosexuals and other sexually broken people to the biblical model for change. “Such were some of you!” the Bible says (1 Cor 6:11).”

“RHN exists to bring back biblical fidelity to ministry to sexually broken people. The Bible teaches, for example, that those who refuse to repent will not enter the kingdom of God, no matter what claims they may make on Jesus (Mt 7:21-23; Lk 13:3). It also teaches that believers need to continue to repent of ongoing sins (1 Jn 1:9) in order to be in right relationship with God.”

“It has rent my heart to see once sound ministries departing from the faith and no longer believing and teaching these things. And it has horrified me even further to hear of young people coming to ex-gay ministries claiming that they do not need to repent of homosexual behavior in order to see the kingdom of heaven, and wives deciding to give up on the healing process of their gay husbands because they are being told that they will never change.”

“‘Let God be true and every man a liar!’ (Rom 3:4)”

“The truth is that Jesus Christ can set anyone free from anything and homosexual brokenness is not an exception. Let’s renew our commitment to believe in the power of God’s grace and love to transform the affections of the heart and the habits of the body. He is Lord of all!”