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Theologian Robert Gagnon calls for a leadership change at Exodus International

July 23, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

June 30, 2012

In a 35 page treatise theological professor Robert A. J. Gagnon has called for a change of leadership at Exodus International. Gagnon stated that Alan Chambers has propagated a false gospel of grace by “Assuring Gay Christians a Place in Heaven Irrespective of Repentance” (page 4-9). Gagnon stated that his “disagreement with Alan Chambers does not boil down to a difference of opinion regarding eternal security. It boils down to a difference over whether, as Calvin says, one can separate ‘free remission of sins … from the Spirit of regeneration.’ Calvin, though holding a perseverance view, would say that people like Alan who think that such a separation can take place have ‘torn Christ apart’” (page 9).

Gagnon also argued that Chambers’ interview in the Atlantic suggested there was room for discussion that committed homosexual relationships were not biblically sinful. Gagnon wrote, “It is not wise or productive for the president of Exodus to suggest in any way that there is some legitimate basis in Scripture for approving committed homosexual unions – especially when, incidentally, there isn’t” (page 10-11).

Another criticism of Gagnons was that “Alan Chambers has moved in the past year or two to take Exodus out of the ‘culture wars,’ in a rather one-sided way, abandoning the very helpful role that Exodus leaders played in the past to inhibit homosexual advances in the political sphere” (page 12).

In the treatise Gagnon disputes Alan Chambers belief that the Bible does not state that some sins are worse than others. Although there was no disagreement that the Bible says that all sin separates us from God, Gagnon gives many examples that show God considers some sins worse than others (page 15-25).

In Appendix 2 of Gagnon’s treatise he points out how Alan Chambers changing beliefs have been influenced by his pastor Clark Whitten. Whitten has written a book called Pure Grace that Gagnon is very critical of. Gagnon claims that parts of Whitten’s theology is “way off target” and rips scripture from its context. Pastor Clark Whitten is chairman of the board at Exodus International. Gagnon has called for his resignation or ouster also.

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