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U.K. High Court rules against ex-gay bus ads

April 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics

March 22, 2013

A United Kingdom High Court justice ruled that the barring of ex-gay advertisements on London buses was a legitimate decision because the ads were in line with the transit authority’s policies. The justice also ruled that advertisements by gay organizations that were allowed on the buses should not have been allowed either.

Excerpts from Christian Concern’s report of the judgment: “Reacting to the judgment, Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director the Christian Legal Centre, … said: ‘According to the judgment, adverts placed by Stonewall and the British Humanist Association were in breach of TfL’s own guidelines. Yet they were allowed to run, even though they proved to be highly controversial at the time. Then, as soon as a Christian group responded to Stonewall’s provocation and dared to challenge the reigning political orthodoxy, the message was banned by the Mayor’s Transport Authority.’”

“‘This case vividly exposes the huge asymmetry and censorship that characterises public debate at the moment, especially around sexual ethics. The message that some people are ‘Ex-Gay’ should not be considered offensive or controversial. Some people choose not to act on same-sex attraction. They should not be ostracised for doing so but helped. Mike Davidson and Core Issues Trust simply want to offer such help to those who experience same-sex attraction but would prefer to change that.’”

“‘The role of Boris Johnson [London’s mayor] is also very worrying. If further evidence comes to light that he was not only abusing his position in light of the Mayoral election but also seeking to cover it up, then the political implications could be huge.’”