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Voice of the Voiceless defends Catholic School in the Bronx

January 12, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Religious Perspective

November 20, 2013

Following is an excerpt from Voice of the Voiceless condemning the bullying actions of gay activists: “Gay activists are champions of tolerance and anti-bullying, that is, until someone disagrees with their opinion. In that case, it’s hate speech and should not be tolerated! That’s exactly what is happening in Bronx, New York at Cardinal Spellman High School, where on Monday night the Catholic school announced that an address by retired priest Fr. Donald G. Timone from the New York Archdiocese on the issue of same-sex attraction, set for Tuesday, had been postponed.”

“Fr. Donald G. Timone has been involved with Courage − a 33 year-old Catholic support group that encourages men and women with same-sex attractions to live chaste lives − for many years. But gay activists don’t like the Catholic church’s position on homosexuality, so they began doing what they do best . . . bullying the school’s principal and administration for daring to host a priest that has stayed true to the church’s position on sexuality!” …