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Andrew Comiskey – “Gender confusion is not born”

January 01, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Religious Perspective

November 10, 2013

The following excerpt is from the essay “Mercy 5: Waking Up, Mercifully” on Andrew Comiskey’s blog: “Rouse thyself! May one glimpse of the world’s rendering of gender and sexuality provoke godly zeal in you. May zeal for His image consume us.”

“In October, California lawmakers gave K-12 students the state the choice to decide which bathroom to use and which team to play on based on their inner sense of gender. Biology no longer determines male and female. Blind guides have handed the reins to confounded children, who now lead the state into gender oblivion.”

“Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), the only governor in the Northeast to buck ‘gay marriage’, threw in the towel when gay couples mobilized with activist judges to appeal the state law denying ‘gay marriage’; the state high court sided with them. The same strategy between gay couples, activist judges, and sympathetic Supreme Courts is underway in over 20 states.”

“The church seems paralyzed by this breath-taking redefinition of gender, sexuality, and marriage. A pastor whose church ranks as the most ‘successful’ in his denomination recently stated that within his rather elite set of mega-church pastors he is the only one willing to even address the homosexual ‘issue.’”

“Our lack of wisdom and foresight is grave. Gender confusion is not born; it is a product of a chaotic, confounding world. And the afflicting power of sin knows only one antidote: the transforming love of Jesus, both preached and practiced.”

“Anne Paulk told me that at RHN she is receiving a new wave of requests for help from young people who are crying out for mercy amid all these confounding liberties. A generation weaned on freedom from gender constraints is waking up. They are no longer looking for a pass to be broken; they want restoration.” …