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Ban will lead to suicides

May 26, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, testimony

March 28, 2014

The following excerpts are from the article … “Take Away Hope and You Kill a Child: Illinois Advances Hope Killing Legislation” by Chuck Peters on the Voice of the Voiceless website: “Lesbian Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy [Illinois] is the sponsor of the ill-conceived ‘Youth Mental Health Protection Act’. This bill does nothing to protect the mental health of any child except to tell a minor child if you have a homosexual thought or feeling, you need to collapse that into your identity, grab your rainbow flag, and live the rest of your life as a homosexual.”

“Essentially, this bill is another form of child abuse at the hands of the militant gay activists like Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy. If this bill would have been a law when I was a child I would not be writing this article today. When I was being groomed and molested by my gay Boy Scout master at the age of 11, I was suicidal and confused about my sexuality. On the one hand, I was receiving all the attention, affirmation, and affection from a pedophile, but on the other hand, he was sexualizing our relationship at the same time and taking advantage of my vulnerability.”

“Essentially, I felt quintessentially ‘gay’ but knew deep down inside that I wasn’t. If it weren’t for the fact that I was able to receive appropriate mental health treatment for my sexual confusion and suicidality from a licensed professional, I know for a fact that I would have killed myself. I would have killed myself not because I thought I was gay, but that I was in so much unbearable emotional pain as a teenager that I naively thought the only way out was to take my own life.”

“This bill and others that have been introduced through our country only serve to further increase the suicide rate among our teenagers. If you want to kill a minor child, take away hope. This is what this bill and others just like it have attempted to do.” …