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Ex-gays to rally and lobby for recognition

August 23, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics

July 12, 2013

Following is the Voice of the Voiceless July 12, 2013 Press Release “Ex-Gays to Petition Supreme Court for Equal Protection Under the Law:” Washington, D.C. – As a part of the First Annual Ex-Gay Pride Month, former homosexuals will unite on Capitol Hill on July 31 to lobby Congress and hold a rally and press conference at 2:00pm to petition the Supreme Court of the United States for equal protection under the law.

“In 2009, the Superior Court of Washington, DC granted former homosexuals protection under the law from discrimination due to sexual orientation (in Washington, DC), but we have got a long way to go to achieve federal recognition,” commented Christopher Doyle, President and Co-Founder of Voice of the Voiceless, the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families.

On July 31, ex-gays will meet with their Congressmen/women to seek tolerance and recognition in states across the country. At 2:00pm, they will unite in front of the Supreme Court of the United States to let Justice Kennedy hear their voices.

“Justice Kennedy needs to understand that LGBT Americans are not the only sexual orientation that faces animus, as he opined last month in his Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) decision. Ex-Gays are routinely mocked, marginalized, and maligned by the very gay activists who demand tolerance, yet refuse to extend it,” commented Doyle. To read about some of the documented intolerance that ex-gays face, visit:

To watch the 2013 Ex-Gay Pride Video, visit: