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New Jersey bill could harm children who have been molested

August 20, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

July 10, 2013

The following PFOX News Release “Harming Already Molested Children” is reprinted in its entirety: For every concerned American: Legislation A3371/S2278, the bill to ban heterosexual counseling efforts to change minors’ sexual orientation, has passed both houses of the New Jersey legislature. This New Jersey bill would deny non-homosexual help to children who have suffered sexual abuse. If parents take their children to unlicensed counselors in New Jersey or licensed counselors out of state, they could, under this bill, be reported to the authorities for “endangering the welfare of a child.”

We must now ask Governor Christie for a conditional veto…and we mean now. He has stated publicly that he does not “believe in” change therapy, but he might be persuaded to see that this bill is a piece of bare aggression against free speech in the service of Judeo-Christian morality. It is of utmost importance that he hears your concerns.

The number to call is 609-292-6000 — just ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to VETO A3371.

Or you can send Governor Christie an email at:

Bill A3371 is an act of childhood endangerment and an unconstitutional attempt to deny parental rights. This unnecessary and intrusive legislation will turn New Jersey into a nanny state by violating the civil rights of parents who support their child’s right to receive therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions, especially when that child has been sexually molested by a pedophile like Jerry Sandusky and is now confused about his sexual orientation.

Denying children the right to receive full therapeutic assistance is wrong. Governor Christie must veto any ban on full mental health treatment for children, especially a bill based on lies like this one.

A3371 MENACES PARENTAL RIGHTS: Parents are not only banned from seeking neutral third-party help in discussing sexuality with their children under this bill, but may be in danger of being reported to the state for “endangering a child’s welfare,” simply because they do not believe that talking through complex emotions is abuse.

A3371 is RIFE WITH DISHONESTY: Gay activists in favor of the bill presented zero expert testimony that homosexual attraction is a biological destiny, because scientific consensus to that end does not exist. The most they cited was politically-driven position statements from professional organizations, each of which could tell its own history of politics put before science. This bill’s disreputable history involved a citizen informing the legislative committee that he had been subjected to electroshock therapy, injections that induced vomiting, and heterosexual soft-core pornography as a teenager at an Assemblies of God “conversion therapy” camp in Ohio. It was a lie from start to finish, straight out of a 1999 movie by drag queen Ru Paul, right down to the name of the camp (“True Directions”). The State of Ohio and the Assemblies of God were able to verify that this camp never existed. The story was apparently a bizarre and corrupt attempt to bias legislators into voting for the bill. See

Please take up your pen, phone, or keyboard, and take ten minutes to tell Governor Christie what this legislation really is: tyranny. Ask him for a conditional veto.

The number to call is 609-292-6000 — just ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to VETO A3371.

Or you can send Governor Christie an email at: