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Voice of the Voiceless applauds Virginia Assembly

March 05, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

February 4, 2014

Following are excerpts from a statement by Voice of the Voiceless: “Today, Voice of the Voiceless applauded the Virginia General Assembly for rejecting HB 1135, which would take away the rights of parents and their minor children to seek out counseling from a licensed mental health provider to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). The bill was rejected with a vote of 4-1 and failed to get out of committee.”

“‘This is a huge victory for the children of Virginia, especially those who have been sexually abused and seek help from a licensed mental health practitioner to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions that may have resulted from molestation,’ commented Christopher Doyle, licensed clinical professional counselor and President of Voice of the Voiceless. ‘We are urging delegates in the state of Maryland to follow Virginia’s lead and also reject House Bill 91, which would ban minors in the state of Maryland from seeing a licensed mental health practitioner to resolve trauma that results in unwanted SSA, even if that minor voluntarily sought out the counseling.’” …

Click here watch Christopher Doyle’s testimony in front of the Virginia Legislature