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Gay Gene Update

June 30, 2009 By: Tom Coy Category: Homosexuality Causation

A new brochure by the American Psychological Association entitled “Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality” admits there is no gay gene according to Dr. A. Dean Byrd. World Net Daily reported on Dr. Byrd’s assessment of the new brochure on May 12, 2009 (

Gay activists have long sought evidence that they were born with their same-sex attractions. It is a well known fact that German gay activist Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld promoted the born that way theory in the early nineteen hundreds. In the late nineteen hundreds there have been several gay activists with professional qualifications pushing the born that way theory. The two most influential gay activists have been neuroanatomist Simon LeVay and genetic researcher Dean Hamer.

LeVay claimed in 1991 that a study he did on deceased homosexuals and heterosexuals showed a difference in their brains. There were many unanswerable questions that LeVay could not answer about his dead subjects and the results have never been duplicated. Yet, because LeVay published his conclusions in a popular magazine, Science, it received widespread attention with press accounts of the research often leading a reader to think brain differences must be innate and unchangeable. (Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., 1996, p. 78-9.)

In 2006 Simon LeVay went on “a gay-gene promotional tour, giving talks about the long and so far unsuccessful search for “the gay gene”,” and talking about how the gay-gene has been seen by the gay political movement as a key to the acceptance of homosexuality. Not surprisingly, LeVay referenced the research results of another gay activist, psychiatrist Richard Pillard. Pillard admitted in the mid 1990s that the twin studies he did on homosexuality were designed “to counter the prevalent belief that sexual orientation is largely the product of family interactions and the social environment” (Satinover, p. 39), which is what the clinical science had shown and still shows.

Dean Hamer is the Magnus Hirschfeld of modern time. As a gay activist he continually uses his professional status to perpetuate gay propaganda. It was Hamer’s published research in 1993 that led to headlines across the nation which purported the “gay gene” had been found. The Hamer study was seriously flawed and scientifically found nothing. Hamer would respond later that “We did not say that Xq28 “underlies” sexuality, only that it contributes to it in some families.” None of the disclaimers or the criticism on the research received the attention the discovery of the gay gene received, and the public was led to believe homosexuality was genetic. Hamer used his fame to testify as an expert witness when the minority status of homosexuals came before the Colorado court in the mid 1990s. In court “Hamer testified that he was “99.5 percent certain that homosexuality was genetic.”” (Satinover, p. 111-113.)

Hamer’s latest foray of gay propaganda is on the website of Truth Wins Out, a gay website that says it is fighting right wing lies and the ex-gay fraud . In actuality Hamer’s testimony is a fraud that promotes lies about ex-gays and the causes of homosexuality. Hamer contends that “all the evidence shows that there is nothing in a person’s upbringing that causes them to be gay.” Only a gay activist could be so blind and ignore all the evidence that shows family and environmental factors are the main causation factors of most homosexuality. Hamer will die like Hirschfeld ignoring the evidence that he was not born gay to substantiate his identity as a gay man.

The most tragic legacy of these gay activists who use their academic credentials to promote the illusion of the gay gene is that they send the message to youth that same-sex attractions are innate and unchangeable. They are telling these youth that they do not have a choice in their sexual orientation. Youth are denied even knowing that they have options other than being gay. The message these gay professionals give is an injustice in itself and every organization that promotes that deception is culpable in the injustice it perpetuates.

Thomas Coy publisher