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Andrew Comiskey – Transformation through Christ includes overcoming homosexuality

January 12, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Religious Perspective, testimony

November 20, 2013

The following excerpt is from the blog “Mercy 15: Mercy for Transformation” on Andrew Comiskey’s website: … “The body of Christ has bought the lie that Jesus cannot touch homosexuality! He may well have destroyed death, stormed the gates of hell to get us out of there, and rose again in order to raise us up into newness of life, but homosexuality? His transforming grace does not suffice! If the Church is the witness of Jesus, then that is precisely what we hear: stammering little nothings that basically convey ‘you’re born that way, sorry. Jesus suffered and so must you…’”

“I do not hope in an arbitrary blast of Pentecost or a therapeutic technique that only a few can access. Nor do I define transformation as a seamless shift from gay to straight desires. I am referring to what Jesus actually did for us. His life of obedience resulting in crucifixion and resurrection opened for all the horizon of what it means to be human: authentically, dynamically, passionately human.”

“That has profound application for our sexuality, what it means to be made in His image as male and female. Jesus is the true image of God in humanity. As we seek only Him as the source of our wholeness, we become reconciled to who we are. That involves the freedom to honor our own gender as a gift, not a source of sexual completion. With proper support and solidarity from our own gender, we then become good gifts to the other gender as well.”

“Identification with Christ Crucified and Raised becomes the ground of the new self. He lays an utterly fresh foundation on which we cultivate new attributes, virtues, and desires. Many secondary disciplines and interventions help activate this new identity. But the base and source of this transformation is Jesus Christ.” …