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Greg Barnett makes the point that being single does not have to mean being alone

March 25, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Relationship Advice, Religious Perspective

February 18, 2014

The following excerpts are from the blog “Single = Alone?” by Greg Barnett on the North Star website: “Recently I read this from someone who has chosen to part ways with the church in pursuit of same-sex relationships: ‘My heart feels strongly that God loves me regardless of who I’m attracted to. I don’t believe he expects or even wants me to be alone. Wasn’t it God who said it was not good that man be alone?’ And while I have thoughts on his entire blog post, what I wanted to write about today was that thought above. What I get from what he’s saying – and I think this applies to most who use that scripture (Genesis 2:18) – is that ‘alone’ means ‘single’. God doesn’t want people to be single. I wonder, though, if that’s what God meant.” …