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Joe Dallas – Conviction from Calvary

June 08, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Religious Perspective

April 18, 2014

The following excerpts are from the blog “Tears on Good Friday” on Joe Dallas’s website: … “I’d rather weep over the torture and slow death He endured than remember that the servant is not above His Lord. Where He went I’m to go, a chilling thought when I consider today’s recollection of where He went. Still, if I emote over the cross today while avoiding it in fact, what’s the use?”

“But if I say Yes to the cross and Wow to the resurrection glory that follows, then, at least to my thinking, I’m on track this Good Friday. If I avoid the reality that I’m called daily to die to myself, then my grief today is rather shallow. Likewise, if I tell myself I’ve got this cross thing done and am doing it right, I’m truly deluded. We will no doubt be applying and reapplying this principle to ourselves, seeking to die to sin while kicking and screaming concurrently, until we, too, finally say It Is Finished. In that sense, while responding to His call to take up the very thing I like to wear around my neck but am in no hurry to put myself on, I’m much like that desperate and honest man pleading with Jesus to heal his son and saying, Lord I believe. Help Thou my unbelief. (Mark 9:24)”

“So today, yes Lord. I’ll remember Your cross, and take up my own, miniscule and trite next to Yours. And as I do, help not only my unbelief, but my unwillingness, because even when I say Yes parts of my soul scream No! So let the love that took You there, and the power that raised You from there as well, both mingle and work in me today. And always.” …