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PFOX publishes recommended reading list on homosexuality

June 27, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Resources

April 16, 2013

Following is PFOX’s recommended reading list:

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality by Joseph and Linda Nicolosi
This gem of a book by therapist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi and his wife, Linda Nicolosi, answers your questions on the whys and hows of homosexuality. It is written in a common sense compassionate manner and describes some insightful cases. The book is not limited to reading by parents by any means. An alternative title could be, “Everything you always wondered about homosexuality, but didn’t know who to ask.”

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness: How Jesus Heals the Homosexual by Andrew Comiskey
Help for Christians who struggle with homosexuality and for those who minister to them.

Growth into Manhood: Resuming the Journey by Alan Medinger
“I am a man and I look to find my completion in woman. But what if a man does not have the inner sense that he is a man? Will he experience the same attractions to a woman? Will she be his “other”? No, and this is critical. If he feels that he is not complete as a man, his first longing will be not for women but for complete manhood; he will be drawn to the masculine in other males. This will be his “other.” This will be his missing rib. This will be his means of attaining completion. It follows, then, that the development of our manhood – finding completion in ourselves – will do great things both to decrease our same-sex attractions and to start drawing us sexually to women.”

The Donnie McClurkin Story – From Darkness to Light — in DVD and Netflix
Grammy award-winning gospel singer Donnie McClurkin talks about his childhood and journey out of homosexuality. “People don’t want to believe that you can change,” he says. “God broke the very thing that people say today is unbreakable.”

My Daddy’s Secret by Denise Shick
As a young child, author Denise Shick’s father told her, “I want to be a woman.” In My Daddy’s Secret, Denise reveals the spiritual, emotional, and physical impact gender identity disorder has on the ones who suffer from it and their families. Readers will gain a greater understanding of the struggles these beleaguered families must endure.

Homosexuality & The Manly Experience: Causes & Treatments of Homosexuality by David Pickup, M.A.
Ex-gay David Pickup demonstrates that the gay lifestyle actually represents a sexual compensation for a man not feeling his own sense of manhood because of unmet emotional, psychological, and physical needs. The tragedy of homosexuality is the desire to get needs met within a context that will never work.

A Queer Thing Happened to America by Dr. Michael Brown
Chronicles the dramatic cultural changes that have taken place in our country in relation to homosexuality and pointedly asks the question: Are we heading in the right direction?

Diary of an Ex-Gay Man by Jake Anonymous – free online book at
“Hello. My name is Jake. I’m a young man in my 20’s. At one time I was only attracted to other guys. I was not happy. But then I discovered psychotherapy to treat the root causes of homosexuality, and gradually allow my heterosexual “true self” to appear. Here in my diary, I reveal the daily struggles and successes of a person struggling with unwanted same sex attraction.”

You Don’t Have to Be Gay: Hope and Freedom for Males Struggling With Homosexuality or for Those Who Know of Someone Who Is by Jeff Konrad

My Genes Made Me Do It — Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence by Neil and Briar Whitehead
Free online book at

Setting Love in Order: Hope and Healing for the Homosexual by Mario Bergner

Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic by Elizabeth Moberly

Jesus Is Involved In Politics by Neil Mammen (American Family Association)

Only One Mommy by Rena Lindevaldsen, Esq.

Crisis in Masculinity by Leanne Payne

Helping People Step Out of Homosexuality by Frank Worthen

Out From Under by Dawn Stefanowicz (true story of a woman raised by homosexual parents)

Setting Love In Order by Marion Bergner (hope and healing for the homosexual)

He Intends Victory by Dan Wooding (real-life stories of Christians living with HIV/AIDS and how Jesus touched them)

Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction by Anne Paulk

The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive Counseling Resource by Janelle Hallman

The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible by Joe Dallas

The Church and the Homosexual Issue (Ministering to those with same-sex attractions) by Frank Worthen (New Hope Ministries)


For Strugglers

Practical Exercises for Men in Recovery of Same-Sex Attraction by Dr. James Phelan

Practical Exercises for Women in Recovery of Same-Sex Attraction by Dr. James Phelan and Debora Barr

12 Steps to Ex-Gay Survival by Frank Worthen (booklet by New Hope Ministries)

The Battle for Normality by GERARD VAN DEN AARDWEG, PH.D.


For Struggling Youth

The Map: For the Journey Away From Homosexuality by Portland Fellowship (interactive CD with journal, also available in ASL for the deaf)

A Young Man’s Journey – Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings by Floyd Godfrey

Solutions: Relational Healing for the Next Generation by Cathy Morrill (Desert Stream Ministries)

Diary of an Ex-Gay Man by Jake Anonymous – free online book at


For Families of Strugglers

Someone I Love Is Gay: How Family & Friends Can Respond by Anita Worthen and Bob Davies

Father/Son Relationships, Mother/Son Relationships by Frank Worthen (booklet by New Hope Ministries)

On Eagles’ Wings Family Manual, lessons to help families deal with homosexual issues in their children; On Eagles’ Wings Wive’s Manual, lessons to help wives deal with homosexual issues in their husbands by Outpost Ministries

Healing Prayers by Desert Stream Ministries (67 prayers for the sexually broken)

Hope for Family and Friends by Annette Comiskey (Desert Stream Ministries) – on audio CD

Caring For Gay Loved Ones by Frank and Anita Worthen (New Hope Ministries)


For Children

Does God Love Michael’s Two Daddies? by Sheila Butt (Children’s picture book for Christian families)

Alfie’s Home by Richard Cohen (International Healing Foundation)
Children’s picture book of a boy who struggles with homosexuality well into his teenage years, then transitions naturally into heterosexuality after finding help and experiencing love in his family.