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Ex-gay Mike Geoke found healing by finding his true identity in Christ

October 10, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Religious Perspective, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

September 26, 2012

( Excerpt from the article “Masterpieces:” “He [Mike Geoke’s counselor] looked at me and said something to this effect: ‘you have no idea who you are. You have let others dictate your identity and you have let your own feelings dictate your identity. Until you both discover and rest in the truth of who JESUS says you are, you will never be satisfied and you will always be striving to be something more.’ I left in a huff, ready to give up on counseling. But I went back. Over time, my counselor proved to be wise. I was never going to move beyond my surface issues until I got below the surface and discovered that I was not living in the reality of who I truly was as a Christ follower. My issue wasn’t my biggest problem. I needed to discover my true identity in Christ.”

“In my ministry, I have found that my counselor’s insight into my problem holds true for almost everyone with whom I work. Human nature strives to create identity, and even for people who are raised in the church, our human identity tends to trump our Christian identity. Most people are either exhausted and unfulfilled from working their whole lives to prove their value, or they are depressed and despondent under the weight of criticism, hurtful words, rejection, guilt or shame.” Link to Mike Geoke’s article on the Exodus International website