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NARTH will work with Liberty Counsel to overturn NJ ban

September 26, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

August 20, 2013

The following excerpts are from the article “NARTH to work with Liberty Counsel to overturn New Jersey legislation to ban therapy!” on the NARTH website: … “NARTH as an organization and several individual therapists attempted to contact Governor Christie and ask for the opportunity to meet with him. Once that failed NARTH wrote to the governor to inform him and provide him with research evidence that (1) there is no evidence that people are born gay (2) the APA cites and reports no evidence that individuals are harmed by professional therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions and (3) that there is absolutely no evidence that children who might be seen by a therapist – in some cases because of abuse or neglect – and are having confused or misdirected feelings of same-sex attraction experience any suicidal feelings or depression related to (SOCE) therapy.”

“In fact, it is just as likely that any feelings or confusion surrounding same-sex attractions – confusions that could now receive only gay affirming therapy – are just as likely to be the cause of depression, and the professional help provided by NARTH clinicians the solution.”

“NARTH and several of our affiliated therapists in the state will assist Liberty Counsel as they seek an injunction to halt this new legislation from going into effect just as NARTH did in the case of the California bill that served as the model for the New Jersey activists.” …