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South African organization gives the facts on sexual orientation and change

August 23, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Homosexuality Causation, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

July 23, 2013

In an article entitled “Former Homosexuals do Exist in South Africa” André Bekker gives a well documented presentation of the known facts about homosexual causation and the possibility of sexual orientation change. The article begins: “Discussing the subject of Homosexuality is one of the most controversial and politicized subjects of our day. However, a discussion that is needed is the matter of people who have decided against a gay identity and/or lifestyle, and have transitioned to a heterosexual identity, or who find themselves in some stage of this transition.”

Floyd Godfrey’s testimony published on People Can Change

August 23, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Homosexuality Causation, Religious Perspective, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, testimony

July21, 2013

Following is an excerpt from Floyd Godfrey’s testimony on the People Can Change website: “I learned [at an Evergreen conference in Salt Lake City] that I hadn’t been able to pray away my homosexual attractions because they were not, at their roots, a spiritual problem. The unwanted attractions were symptoms of emotional problems that I needed to resolve, not be relieved of. I hadn’t been able to force opposite-sex attractions because my more basic, core need for male identity and masculine affirmation had not yet been met adequately. Until I felt fully masculine, I would never feel “man enough” for a woman.”

Christopher Doyle responds to Exodus International shutting down

July 08, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Homosexuality Causation, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

June 21, 2013

Following is the press release “Largest Christian Ministry Helping Individuals Leave Homosexuality Shuts Down – Despite the Closing of Exodus, International Healing Foundation Remain Steadfast” distributed by the International Healing Foundation: Bowie, MD – On June 19, 2013 Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, the largest Christian ministry assisting individuals who wish to leave the homosexual life, announced that it is closing its doors and apologized to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community for years of messages that people with same-sex attraction could change through prayer, counseling, and spiritual devotion.

It is saddening that Exodus, under its current leadership, has made statements over the efficacy of Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) when many of its same-sex attracted (SSA) leaders have failed to undergo such treatment themselves. Such leaders are also unqualified to make these statements due to their lack of training and education in the psychological field. (more…)

Ex-gay and Eagle Scout Chuck Peters disturbed by Boy Scout policy change

July 06, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation, testimony

May 23, 2013

The following article “What Does Scouting Have To Do With Homosexuality” by Chuck Peters is reprinted in its entirety from the Voice of the Voiceless website: New Boy Scout Policy May Lead To Increased Pedophilia. Today the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay-identified boy scouts to participate the same as heterosexual boy scouts. According to Fox News, of the roughly 1,400 voting members of the BSA’s National Council who cast ballots, 61 percent supported the proposal drafted by the governing Executive Committee. The policy change takes effect January 1, 2014. While this may be a great victory for some gay-identified boy scouts, and an even greater victory for gay activists who support lifting the ban on openly gay adults serving as scout masters, it’s a sad and painful day for me.

As both an ex-gay and Eagle Scout, it brings me back to when I was 11 years-old. Yes, I was molested by my Boy Scout master at this vulnerable age and it has been one of the most painful, damaging, life-confusing, and sexual-disorienting incidents in my life. (more…)

Baptist Press responds to new Gallup poll

July 06, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Homosexuality Causation, Religious Perspective

May 22, 2013

The following excerpts from the article “More Americans Linking Homosexuality with Birth” by Michael Foust are from the Baptist Press News website: “WASHINGTON (BP) — A record number of Americans believe homosexuality is morally acceptable and is something people are born with, according a new Gallup poll.” (more…)

NARTH gives the Boy Scouts of America the facts of homosexuality

July 06, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Homosexuality Causation

May 20, 2013

The following excerpts from the article “Research Pertinent to the Boy Scouts of America Policy Change Debate” by Michelle Cretella, M.D. and David C. Pruden, M.S. are reprinted from the NARTH website: … “In keeping with NARTH’s commitment to science and education, NARTH offers the following synopsis of scientific research on homosexuality that may be helpful to the national council of the Boy Scouts of America as it deliberates a change in policy that would allow homosexually-identified youth as members.[1]”

The development of homosexuality is influenced by environment.

“Homosexuality is not an unchangeable biologically determined trait like race. (more…)

Gov. Christie believes the propaganda that sexual orientation is determined at birth

April 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation

March 22, 2013

Excerpts from an article entitled “Chris Christie Comes Out Against Gay Conversion Therapy”: “‘Governor Christie does not believe in conversion therapy,’ spokesman Kevin Roberts said in a statement to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. ‘There is no mistaking his point of view on this when you look at his own prior statements where he makes clear that people’s sexual orientation is determined at birth.’” … (more…)

Christopher Doyle discusses the quandary ex-gays present to the gay rights movement

March 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

February 27, 2013

Excerpts from Christopher Doyle’s opinion piece “The Ex-Gay Problem: You Can Never Leave?” on the Christian Post website: “‘You Can Check-Out Anytime You Like, But You Can Never Leave.’ So says the Eagles’ song Hotel California. Ironically, this memorable phrase in that 1976 classic hit has lasting implications for all those wishing to leave the gay life. I am careful to say ‘life’ and not ‘lifestyle’ so not to offend any gay and lesbian reading this who may be quick to cast me as a homophobe or hate-monger.”

“The truth is no one simply chooses to have same-sex attractions (SSA). These feelings are the result of many factors, mostly environmental and familial, mixed-in with one genetic factor, a sensitive temperament. I make this claim not with a preponderance of scientific evidence, but with the clinical experience of my own practice as a psychotherapist over the last three years, plus an additional twenty years of observations from my colleagues at the International Healing Foundation.” (more…)

Hour and half informative faith-based YouTube video on homosexuality

March 05, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation

February 19, 2013

PFOX called the video “Homosexuality” by ChurchMilitantTV “One of the most comprehensive and clear videos on the subject.” The video discusses facts about homosexuality and how homosexuality has been promoted by gay activists and their supporters. Dr. Julie Hamilton of NARTH, Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, and many others are featured. The video also delves into the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality and sexual immorality. The video is very long, but full of information.

Dr. Miriam Grossman feared telling a client about reparative therapy

March 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation

February 13, 2013

Text from Dr. Miriam Grossman’s blog article “Gay or Straight? When others decide for you – Part One” on … “I once saw a college student who, a few hours earlier, nearly jumped from the window of his ninth floor dorm room. Fortunately he hesitated, and walked to the campus counseling center instead. He was screened by a therapist, then sent over to me for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.”

“Malik (not his real name) was deeply distressed. ‘I don’t want to be how I am’, he explained. ‘I’m attracted to men, but it isn’t me. I know it’s not me.’ It was a dreadful situation. (more…)