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Alan Chambers reflects on the 2012 Exodus Freedom Conference

July 25, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

July 17, 2012

Following are a couple excerpts from Alan Chambers’ letter “You Are Not Alone:”

“Sometimes the difficulty in communicating how we’ve changed is due to the fact that we make it so complicated. We feel the story needs to be bigger than it is. I often wonder if there’s something else I should have done to accomplish more than I have? Is there something else that I’m supposed to do? From there I wonder, Is what we offer at Exodus lacking? I asked the attendees this year, ‘What did you come for this week? What did you go to the local Exodus ministry for? What is it that you were, and are, looking for?’”

… “I don’t know what you’re going to experience on this journey. I have some ideas. But, if nothing else, I pray that you don’t feel alone anymore, that you don’t feel an island unto yourself. That you don’t feel abandoned, forgotten, left behind. That one of the encouragements that God instills in you is the understanding that with Him you are never alone and that there are people He will provide to walk along side you on this journey towards holiness, fullness in Him and a life that glorifies Christ.”

Alan Chambers’ letter “You Are Not Alone” can be found at: