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Alan Chambers writes general letter to Christianity Today

July 25, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

July 16, 2012

After the recent Christianity Today article on the theological debate that Dr. Robert Gagnon initiated with Exodus International president Alan Chambers, Christianity Today has published a letter from Alan Chambers. Chambers does not appear interested in the theological debate at all and seems comfortable living in God’s grace. Here is an excerpt from Alan Chamber’s letter titled “Thoughts from a Simple-Minded Jesus Lover:”

“I doubt there will ever be human resolution to the debates surrounding eternal security, whether or not someone can be actively gay and a believer, or so many of the other weighty and divisive controversies plaguing our congregations. But I hope there will be a genuine desire to proclaim the truth of what God is for above all else. I hope that we will all take personal holiness more seriously than we do. I hope that we will seek to judge less and pray more. I believe we have an opportunity here, as believers across the great divides of Christendom, to seek Christ above all else—whether that is about our sexual identity or our doctrinal identity.”

The full text of Alan Chambers’ letter can be found at:

At the end of the letter by Alan Chambers Christianity Today provided links to other essays by theologians on the subject of salvation and sin.