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Exodus International to add new sessions to Love Won Out conference

February 17, 2010 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

The Love Won Out conference March 6th in San Diego will the first under the leadership of Exodus International. Exodus issued a press release stating that “While much of the conference structure will remain unchanged, the event will now offer a session specifically geared to pastors and church staff to enable them to compassionately reach those dealing with these issues in their church. It will also offer a Spouses Only session, led by Mike Goeke whose own marriage underwent a crisis due to his struggle with same-sex attraction.”

Under Alan Chambers leadership Exodus International has reached out to the Christian church and urged it to learn how to compassionately help individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions. Chambers, the President of Exodus International explained, “All too often the controversial nature of this issue grabs the spotlight, but there are hurting people living in the shadows who need practical help and compassionate encouragement. We want to put an arm around this often hidden group of men and women and help others better understand these issues so that the isolation and rejection many of us experienced will no longer be typical of Christian churches across America.”

The other sessions at the Love Won Out conference are geared to the layperson and provide information on the causes and therapies of homosexuality. The new session for Spouses Only is in response to the “increase in the number of spouses married to a husband or wife conflicted by their attractions. Often these hurting men and women are unable to share their heartache within many churches for fear of rejection. Love Won Out wants to change that.”

Exodus International has posted a You Tube video explaining the importance of the Christian church to those wanting to overcome their same-sex attractions.

Editor’s note: Love Won Out conferences are unique in that they provide truth and answers on homosexuality that the universities intentionally ignore to appease the gay political movement.