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Gay protests remove freedom from homosexuality message

May 11, 2010 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics

By Thomas Coy

Christian radio host Dawson McAllister, who moved to secular radio in 2005, publically severed ties with Exodus International after the radio hosts secular employer told him that his referrals to Exodus International violated its “diversity policies.” Preceding this action, gay activist Greg Kimball had organized a barrage of complaints to Clear Channel Communications, Inc. claiming that McAllister was “an evil, calculated sneak who is reaching out across the country and hurting our gay youth while pretending to be a good person who just wants to help people.”

Kimball’s assault is based on the unfounded fabrication that a person with unwanted same-sex attractions is harmed by trying to change their same-sex attractions. In the real world the message that homosexuality is changeable is a hopeful message to those who don’t want to identify as homosexual. This latest gay assault has silenced that message of hope to millions of youth who listen to Dawson McAllister.

How much more hypocritical can a business organization with a diversity policy be. While they pride themselves on diversity, Clear Channel has no room for ex-gays. Clear Channel’s diversity policy says “Our ZERO TOLERANCE policy that prohibits discrimination extends beyond our employees, into each and every market in which we conduct business.” In clear violation of their diversity policy Clear Channel Communications has discriminated against those with unwanted same-sex attractions because a gay political minority protested the idea that homosexual behavior can be unwanted, destructive, and sinful. Clear Channel has shown it is intolerant of ex-gays, their message, and conservative Christians who believe in the biblical ideal of sex in marriage between one man and one woman.

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