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Liberal bigots cause author to pull book on homosexuality from Amazon

January 30, 2014 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics, Resources

January 7, 2014

The following excerpts are from the article “Homosexual Lobby on the Attack Again” written by Cliff Kincaid and published on Accuracy In Media: … “The Maybe He’s Not Gay book ‘seeks to tell kids the truth about homosexual behavior,’ [Linda Harvey] says. It explains in a conversational tone why no one is born homosexual, the health risks associated with the lifestyle, and factors which may lead to same sex attractions.”

… “But Harvey tells Accuracy in Media she asked the publisher to pull her book from Amazon because it “had attracted the usual ‘gay’ mob with ad hominem attacks and even numerous review[er]s that admitted they had not read the book.” She said, “They just wanted to attack the idea of a book for kids, and me personally.”

“She adds, ‘So once the book has been out for a while, we may put it back up on Amazon and hope to get actual reviews of thoughtful people who have read the book.’ However, in the meantime her book is available on her own website.”

… “Her book argues, ‘At school, in the media, in books, kids are being urged to consider whether or not they are homosexual at younger and younger ages.’ She says the ‘You could grow up to be gay’ message is being given to children even in elementary school, ‘creating a lot of emotional upheaval for many’ and leading some to come to the false conclusion that they are homosexual.”

… “‘As a mother,’ Harvey writes, ‘I especially want children to gain understanding about critical issues at the right time. To withhold information from young people, or worse, be intentionally deceptive, is a profound betrayal when adults ought to have the best interests of children at heart.’”