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Sex Change: a Lie and a Medical Fraud

June 27, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Gay Politics

April 6, 2013

Following is the entire article “Sex Change: a Lie and a Medical Fraud” by Walt Heyer (the Maverick Transgender) published on Heyer’s website: Transgenders, you and I have been duped, shafted and led down a long pathway of lies.

The LGBT has successfully seduced lawmakers into foisting on society the single greatest medical surgical fraud in United States history. Now we have the facts. The so-called sex change surgery is not a medical necessity and never was, and the transgender advocates have known it for years.

Two studies: one from Japan the other, from Rome. Both provide research evidence that proves transgenders are not born, never were. Trangenders are the fabrication of a delusional concept of a surgical gender, or exist as the result of a collection of one or more mental illnesses.
These two studies expose the transgender world of lies, turning it into a world of shame.

The Japan study of Oct., 2009 concludes their findings do not provide any evidence that genetic variants of sex hormone-related genes confer individual susceptibility to MTF or FTM transsexualism.

The Rome study of Jan., 2013 concludes: “Gender disorders do not seem to be associated with any molecular mutations of some of the main genes involved in sexual differentiation.”

Read the studies for yourself. The links are below.

Transgenders need our profound compassion but they do not require any more protection than anyone else with a mental illness.”