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Daniel Mattson writes about sexual disorientation

June 27, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Religious Perspective

April 10, 2013

Daniel Mattson is a Catholic with unwanted same-sex attractions. Following is the concluding paragraph of his article “Homosexual Orientation, or disorientation?” published on the First Things website: … “Embracing a gay identity prevents us from knowing ourselves as we are known by God. Instead, we are kept captive by faulty categories of the human person, created in the mind of man. It is more than mere semantics. In departing from the clear teaching of the Church on our sexual identity, we do injury to our personal dignity as being male or female image-bearers of God and prevent ourselves from resolving the most fundamental question each of us strives to answer: “Who am I?” More problematically, when we defend these false descriptions of man, we go against the clear teachings of the Church and lead others to embrace one of the great confusions of our age.”