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D.L. Foster cites similarities between the arguments of gay activists and nineteenth century slave owners

August 23, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Religious Perspective, testimony

July 22, 2013

The following excerpt is from the D.L. Foster’s article “Narrative of an American EXhomosexual” on the Gay Christian Movement Watch website: “… Slave owners cited ‘science and research’ as a legitimate reason to deny slaves freedom. They produced numerous self serving ‘studies’ (written by proslavery professionals) to proof text their wicked ideology.”

“If you’ve noticed, gay activists religiously cite the American Psychological Association’s no change doctrine as irreversible proof that no homosexual can change. If they do, it’s theorized, such a person will be emotionally damaged even to the point of suicide. Or you will also hear this: ‘you can change your behavior, but you can’t change your orientation’. These ridiculous assertions have become the basis of passing unjust laws and prohibiting counselors from helping people who want to escape the gay life plantation. So why not just tell blacks gays that change is impossible so they can life a happy life as a slave?”

“As my friend explained to me, [Frederick] Douglass again proved that it was the slave owners who were fighting a losing battle. Douglass detailed his life as a slave with such finesse, that only a person who was once enslaved on the plantations of racist America could have written it.”

“Gay activists and white American slave owners are two sides of the same coin, animated by the same spirit. It reminds me of the many times homosexual activists have claimed that I was never gay to begin with. Unable to refute my broad knowledge of the homosexual lifestyle that I lived for 11 years, a Chicago lesbian angrily told me, ‘You were never a true gay, because true gays cannot change their orientation’. As ludicrous as it sounds, I recognized it as one of those tools they use when they run out of options against EX-homosexuals like myself who are forward and articulate emancipation messengers.” ‪

“Like Douglass, I detailed my life as an American homosexual in my semi-autobiographical book Touching A Dead Man. I didn’t write it so gay activists would believe I’d lived as a homosexual man enslaved to his degrading sexual passions. As long as they are blind to the truth, they will never believe it. I wrote it so that my brothers and sisters would know that there’s no bondage that can hold them when Christ has promised you freedom. That freedom has been secured by his blood that was shed on Calvary and in our eternal Emancipation Proclamation it states ‘Know the truth and the truth will make you free. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed’ (John 8).”

“Just like the delusional slave owners —despite their lies, intimidation, violence, ridicule and unjust laws— ultimately lost, homosexual activists will discover one day they too will lose the war. Our Liberator has come and we are free.”