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Ex-gay Mike Geoke found healing by finding his true identity in Christ

October 10, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Religious Perspective, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

September 26, 2012

( Excerpt from the article “Masterpieces:” “He [Mike Geoke’s counselor] looked at me and said something to this effect: ‘you have no idea who you are. You have let others dictate your identity and you have let your own feelings dictate your identity. Until you both discover and rest in the truth of who JESUS says you are, you will never be satisfied and you will always be striving to be something more.’ I left in a huff, ready to give up on counseling. But I went back. Over time, my counselor proved to be wise. I was never going to move beyond my surface issues until I got below the surface and discovered that I was not living in the reality of who I truly was as a Christ follower. My issue wasn’t my biggest problem. I needed to discover my true identity in Christ.” (more…)

Australian doctors asks: “Why is it so hard to admit that gay health and life expectancy are far below average?”

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Gay Politics

September 19, 2012

( Excerpt: “Wallace’s [head of the Australian Christian Lobby] figures are sound: a 20-year loss in gay life expectancy was reported by a homosexual lobby group in 2009. A 17-year loss in life expectancy among young HIV positive men was reported in 2008 in the Lancet medical journal, despite the very best anti-viral treatment, which is double the loss from smoking. In Australia HIV/AIDS remains overwhelmingly a homosexual disease: Wallace correctly quoted the Kirby Institute finding that over 80 percent of new cases of HIV/AIDS in Australia are in ‘men who have sex with men’.” Link to the article on

Dr. Robert Gagnon critiques Alan Chamber’s interview on Janet Mefferd Show

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

September 17, 2012

( Excerpt from Dr. Gagnon‘s critique: “Alan’s mantra is that we all continue to sin as believers so that we can’t make ongoing unrepentant sin a factor in warning a believer that people who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. But in making this argument Alan shows that he rejects the common New Testament distinction between self-professed believers who continue to walk primarily in the flesh and self-professed believers who are led primarily by the Spirit. For Jesus and the NT writers the former do not inherit the kingdom of God, whatever their claim to belief in Christ may be. Rather than warning self-professed believers who live unrepentant homosexually active lives that conduct of this sort is congruent with those who don’t inherit the kingdom, Alan assures them that if they made a genuine profession of faith they will go to heaven irrespective of whether they repent.” Link to Gagnon’s critique.

UK Transgender regrets sex change surgery

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Gay Politics, Homosexuality Causation

September 11, 2012

Sun News network interviewed a former transgender identified man who found out later that a sex change operation was not what he needed. The United Kingdom resident’s sex change to a woman was paid for by the government. The man now says his desire to be a woman was a fantasy possibly related to his fear of dating a woman. Link to the Sun News network video interview.

Ex-gay Ethan Martin is thankful for his mother’s unconditional love

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective

September 11, 2012

( Excerpts from Ethan Martin’s real story: “She [mother] called me and asked me if I was gay, and in a moment of honesty, I told her that I was. I told her that I had been struggling since middle school and no amount of church activities, praying, fasting, leading, etc. helped take away my attractions. She said something to me in that phone conversation that I will never forget. She said ‘Ethan, I will love you no matter what you choose for your life.’ This was shocking to me.” (more…)

Exodus president Alan Chambers and radio host Janet Mefferd disagree, Chambers apologizes

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

September 8, 2012

( Excerpts from the article: “The radio host responded both on Facebook and on her show, questioning Chambers’ character. ‘Last night, Alan Chambers sent me a few private emails after the interview as did his staff,’ she explained on her show Thursday. ‘Then he went on his personal Facebook page and lied about me and accused me of saying something during the interview that I never said and did not imply. It’s made up. And then he told his followers to give me a piece of their minds basically. I will say this unequivocally: I asked Alan a number of tough questions but I did not insult him. I was tough but I wasn’t mean and his answers, in my opinion, fell short of the biblical standard.’” Link to the Christian Post article.

Exodus International board member John Warren resigns

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

September 8, 2012

( Excerpt: “‘I believe that Alan Chambers is a good man with good intentions. It is his messaging that concerned me recently and prompted me to resign,’ Warren told The Christian Post in an email Saturday. ‘Specifically, his interview this week on Janet Mefferd’s show concerned me deeply.’”

…”‘Alan is in an extremely difficult position, and I don’t want to disparage him,’ Warren stated. ‘There are Exodus member ministries who are advancing the gospel well, and I want to be certain to support them. Ultimately, the leader of an important ministry has to clearly articulate views that are consistent with Scripture. The message is important, and I became concerned that I could no longer continue to serve effectively on the board since the messaging quickly became less and less clear in my opinion.’” Link to the Christian Post article.

Staff changes at Exodus: Jeff Buchanan resigns, Randy Thomas returns

October 09, 2012 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

September 5, 2012

( Executive Vice-President of Exodus International, Jeff Buchanan, has resigned his position along with his wife, Angela, who served as Director of Communications. Jeff Buchanan served in the vive president position since August of 2011. Randy Thomas, former Exodus International Executive Vice-President, has returned to his former position and Chris Stump has been promoted to the Director of Communications position. Link to the Exodus post detailing the changes.