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Christopher Doyle uncovers likely fraudulent testimony in New Jersey conversion therapy hearings

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics

March 21, 2013

Christopher Doyle, licensed therapist and ex-gay, researched the story of a witness who testified at New Jersey hearings to ban sexual orientation change efforts. Brielle Goldani claimed she had been tortured at a conversion therapy camp in Ohio in 1997, but Doyle found no record of the camps existence.

Excerpt from the World Net Daily article “NJ Governor Christie’s Opinion on Heterosexual Therapy Ban Based on False Testimony:” “According to the office of the Ohio secretary of state and attorney general, no such camp called True Directions has ever existed. In fact, the only trace of this camp is from a 1999 film titled ‘But I’m a Cheerleader,’ starring RuPaul. In the film, the main character is suspected of being a lesbian by her family, who then proceeds to send her to a ‘conversion therapy’ camp called True Directions. Throughout the course of the film, two disgruntled gay men encourage the campers to rebel against the program and discover their true identities as gays and lesbians. (more…)

WND editor Joseph Farah exposes the hypocrisy behind banning conversion therapy

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Gay Politics

March 19, 2013

Excerpts from Joseph Farah’s opinion piece “Illegal to help change sexual orientation?” on World Net Daily: “It’s perfectly legal for counselors to encourage lesbianism, homosexuality, transvestism and the aforementioned medical mutilations known as sex-change operations. It is even perfectly legal for counselors and therapists to offer assistance in changing the sexual orientation of adults and children from heterosexual to homosexual.”

“At the same time American society takes this anything-goes approach to sexuality, there is one new glaring taboo being constructed in some states: Counseling and therapy for minors who want to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.” (more…)

PFOX letter to New Jersey State Senators regarding conversion therapy

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Gay Politics, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

March 16, 2013

Excerpts from the PFOX letter: “As parents of gay children, we urge you to vote against Senate Bill 2278, erroneously titled, ‘Protects minors by prohibiting attempts to change sexual orientation.’ This proposed legislation, initiated by the gay lobby to ensure that children receive only homosexual-affirming therapy by banning heterosexual therapy, is an act of childhood endangerment and an unconstitutional attempt to deny parental rights in New Jersey and your district.” (more…)

NARTH articulates its perspective on homosexuality

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Clinical Science, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts

March 13, 2013

Following are transcribed excerpts of Christopher Rosik, Ph.D. articulating NARTH’s perspectives. Rosik is the current president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH):

“… My fellow panelists and I wish to publicly provide confirmation of one fact: that ‘sexual orientation’ is not immutable in all people and as a result some individuals can and do experience change in same-sex attractions and behavior. Those who disagree with us on this too often speak for us in ways that intentionally or unintentionally mischaracterize what we believe and how we practice.”

“So let me try to briefly to set the record straight.” (more…)

Ex-gay appearance shuts down the Minnesota legislature

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News

March 11, 2013

A debate on same-sex marriage in the Minnesota State House was shut down when a Republican representative introduced a friend who had exited the gay life and experienced sexual orientation change. Condemnation came from both leaders of the State House. There are not many details but here is the link.

Testimony of ex-gay Dr. David Kyle Foster

April 04, 2013 By: Tom Coy Category: Ex-gay News, Religious Perspective, testimony

March 1, 2013

Excerpts from David Kyle Foster’s testimony on the PFOX website: … “Perhaps my personal witness to change can be of some help. I have been changed in many and varied ways over the past 32 years after seeking the Lord at the age of 29 to deliver me from a bondage to homosexuality, pornography and other sexually addictive behaviors. After 10 years of active involvement in the ‘anything but gay’ homosexual lifestyle, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me and has set me free from what statistics show to be a deathstyle lain upon the foundations of profound brokenness.” (more…)